Welcome to the Church of the Holy Comforter, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!
    I invite you to explore who we are as we open our hearts to you. Our prayer is that as you explore this web site, connect with some of the faces of the people in this family, and come to worship with us, you will sense the love of Jesus Christ and His Spirit in our midst. We would love you to be part of the life we share in Christ.
    Whether you are visiting, quietly searching for a meaning in life only God can give, or looking for a place to join in the great adventure with others of faith, we pray God would direct your steps. If there is any way we can encourage you in your walk or answer any questions, please let us know. Our door is wide-open.
    We are delighted God brought you here!

In the Love of Christ,
The Rev. Marcus Kaiser,
Sr. Rector